Cool and fashionable dark blue suit for men (4)

27 Cool and Fashionable Dark Blue Suit for Men

Admit it; a man in a suit is sexier than a man with rippling abs. Read this article to get the best way to wear suit so there is no more bad day. Keep open the last button because it is purely only for aesthetic purposes. When sit down, unfasten the buttons so you won’t look like a stuffed potato.

30+ Macho Facial Hair Style 2017

Growing a thick and healthy beard can be a difficult task for some men for an assortment of reasons. For most men that are once the facial hair achieves a sure point, irritation can turn out to be so crazy that they trim or shave the beard to ahead of schedule. To get the facial hair looks slender and feeble need a stellar eating routine and uncalled for healthy skin strategy. Facial hair stands for macho look, so a completely thick grown mustache and beard is a wellspring of incredible pride.

25 Hair Style for Men You Have to Try in 2017

To get a great haircut, talk to your barber or stylish and discuss to make sure you get the cut and style you want and go home happy. Start on how to find your face shape and hair type, choosing a hair length, beard grooming, hair product, and etc. Bringing a picture is the best way as long as you have the same hair type. The other thing to look for is face shape, while certain styles can work for everyone, which is not always the case.