45 Best Statement Belt for Women Outfits

A great belt can make the outfit, but the wrong one can mess your look. You can’t just throw a belt on everything and expect it to look good. Make sure that your belt compliments your style and don’t try to make your belt say something different from the rest of your outfit. Choose the right width; thick waist belt are good for women with longer torsos, short-waisted women look great in thin belts.

Consider your belt as a piece of jewelry, so if you wouldn’t wear big chunky, antiqued gold jewelry, then don’t buy it. Get the right length that fit on the middle hole because any shorter can look stubby. Do not belt a top such as cardigans, tunics, blouses, t-shirt or sweaters, but if you want to make it, emphasize your waist in a certain top, tuck it into a skirt and then belt it. see these 45 best statement belt for women outfit below to inspire you without making a mistake.

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