35 Best Hairstyles and Haircut for Christmas

Let’s get pretty look for Christmas in 10 minutes or less. You can never go wrong with your own natural look; you can just literally wash your hair and go. Or do a simple twist by adding a volume to your hair no matter what your hair texture is. Whether yours is kinky and coiled or more relaxed and loose, you can’t go wrong.

Try a textured low ponytail; add texture to the hair using your hand, curling away from your face and pull your hair back and tie off using a neutral-colored hair tie. Add dry texture spray to the ends of the hair then take a wide tooth comb and push hair at the top of the head up towards the roots from the end, adding volume and height at the crown. Wonderful waves hair is perfect for any occasion; curl your hair (opt for a larger curling iron so curls are fall loose around your face), twirling each section in the same direction and alternate with different sections of hair to get natural look. See more hairstyle and haircut for Christmas below.

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