Trendy Pleated Midi Skirt Outfits for Feminine Style

Trendy pleated midi skirt outfits for feminine style (23)

Midi skirts are having a slightly awkward length that can turn people off from midi skirts. But actually midi skirt is not difficult to wear and it also very cute and chic and worth trying. You can opt for something classic; solid color button down- or something funky such as metallic shade. Here are some style tips on how to wear midi skirts.

Add a fitted jacket and plain sneakers will make your look more casual and comfortable. Wear your midi skirts with tights to transition a skirt from warmer weather to cooler weather and add an ankle boots and a sweater to stay cozy. Or consider pairing your midi skirts with a button down shirt for more casual vibe. See more trendy pleated midi skirt outfits for feminine style below.


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