25 Easy Long Shag Haircuts for Effortless Style Looks

Easy long shag haircuts for effortless style looks (9)

Shag is 70s haircut that established the name. The shag is usually consisting of multiple layers whether the cut is short, medium or long. The shortest is often at the top and the longest usually establishes the hair length. This style is low maintenance, yet exhibits a sexy, sultry and trend setting style that appeals to women of all ages and lifestyles.

Most shag cuts accent the face and add height at the crown and ensure volume in the back. Some of it includes bangs, but they are not necessary. Short shags are often carefree, with a piecey, messy look, medium styles offer the most versatility and long hair that might otherwise remain flat the lifeless. Now let’s take a look at these 25 easy long shag haircuts for effortless style looks below.

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