27 Beautiful Smokey Lavender Hairs that Could Make You so Obsessed

Beautiful smokey lavender hair that could make you so obsessed (22)

Before you start to style your hair, all you need is a healthy hair. Healthy hair will give you long and lustrous hair, so here are some tips for healthy hair for you. First of all, always protect your hair from sun, wind and rain because the exposure will adds to your already existent hair woes. If you have a wet hair, deal carefully with it because it is very fragile and breaks easily; avoid brushing immediately after a shower.

Don’t forget to use a moisturizing conditioner after every wash because missing this step could be the reason why your hair is frizzy. Conditioning needs to be done right; start conditioning about 2 inches away from your scalp. Choose a shampoo and a conditioner from the same line as it has a similar formulation because it shows better results when you use a single line instead of two individual products. If you are ready to style your hair, take a look at these 27 beautiful smokey lavender hairs that could make you so obsessed below.

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