30 Simple and Casual Outfit to Wear Everyday

Simple and casual outfit to wear everyday (13)

Casual style is the vaguest and the most variable and it can be quite difficult to get it right. It requires you something that bridges the gap between relaxed, comfortable and clothes that are a little dressier and more formal. However, putting together an appropriate ensemble turns out to be more complex because there are always other factors to consider; venue, time, season and occasion. Here are some tips to help you to navigate for a casual outfit.

You need to understand that casual look denotes a strict system of rules; the look should be well put together and polished, but not quite dressy enough to be formal. Consider the occasion to pick the right outfit. The effective way to manage this style is to pick something simple, classic and well-made in a versatile fabric and then style it up to the right level with appropriate shoes and accessories. Here are 30 examples of simple and casual outfit to wear everyday below.

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