Best and Sexiest Short Hairstyles and Haircuts You Have to Try

Short hairstyle and haircuts (59)

You may need a start fresh with an exciting short hairstyle. A short haircut is just feels fantastically fresh. If you never had a short hair before, it can be a big adjustment. Luckily there are several things you can do to make the transition easier and reduce the chance of ending up with a cut you don’t love and here are some steps that you must take before cutting your hair short.

Gather inspirational photos from the internet or even your friend’s photo whose haircut you’ve always admired to get an inspiration and think about how it will work with your lifestyle and hair type. Or it’s even better to talk it out with your hairstyle; be clear and specific about what you want but also be open to professional suggestions from the stylist. If you’ve never had short hair before, it may be best to do it in stages; going from long hair to a long bob to a bob to a long pixie is a pretty safe strategy. Here are some example of sexiest short hairstyle and haircut you have to try below.

Short hairstyle and haircuts (226)

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