30 Stunning Shoes for Women

There are so many shoes out there that are both stylish and sensible and you have to find the one that are right for you. Bad shoes will deform your feet if you wear them on a regular basis. And good shoes often look like something you wear with a housecoat while you refill the bowl of hard candies. So don’t give up finding the right one.

If you need a shoe for everyday walking, choose a shoe with a heel between a half-inch to an inch. Do not assume that flat is better than high heels; soles that are completely flat can cause feet to roll inward when walking – so look for flats that have a contoured foot-bed or built-in arch support so that your ankles and feet are stable. Keep the heel heights in perspective and save high-heeled shoes only for special occasions. See these 30 stunning shoes for women below as your inspiration to find the right shoes for you.

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