Simple and Casual Wedding Dress Ideas 2017

Before you head to the store to, find dresses you love via magazines or pinterest so you have an idea of what you want before you step foot in a bridal shop. Making a decision will be so much easier if we narrow the choices down ahead of time. Start to look around 8 months before the day to give you enough time for alterations. If you buy it too early, you run the risk of second-guessing your choice in the months leading up to the wedding day.

If you are getting a custom wedding dress design, plan 6 to 8 months at least. It’s possible to get it in a short amount of time, but you may have to pay extra for it. Be clear about your budget and don’t forget to factor in alterations to your budget. So now let’s take a look at these simple and casual wedding dress ideas in 2017 to inspire you below.

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